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We are what the others see.

Our art is to transmit what you are and what you would like to be.

Alessandro Bertoldi

Founder & CEO

Consultant in the field of communication for associations, political parties, groups for Italian and foreign leaders companies in various sectors. He was the youngest political leader of the political history of the Italian Republic. Over the last seven years he has organized in first person about 10 campaigns, between elections and referendum of all dimensions transversally for a variety of political and economic entities, in Italy and abroad. He follows the political-institutional reports for many economic and international financial groups, as well as their communication and market presence in relation also to the ongoing legislative mutations in specific areas of interest. He is the founder and president of the board of directors and chief executive officer of a public relations company “PubliGroup Italia" founded in March 2014. In 2015 is co-founder of the group of consultant “PubliGroup Advisors" and "Alessandro Bertoldi Consulting" in 2016. All these organizations are involved in corporate communication, indirect communication, lobbying and political communication. Columnis, he cooperates with many newspapers, il Giornale, l'Opinione, l'Intraprendente, La Nostra Gazzetta (in russian) and Sputnik Italy. Observer during the referendum that has sanctioned the independence of the Crimea (the 16th of March 2014) and during the elections at the Popular Republic of Donetsk (the 2nd of November 2014) on behalf of the local authorities and sometimes of the Douma State (Parliament of the Russian Federation). In February 2015 he was invited among the few foreign participants to take part in the 70th anniversary of the historic Conference of Jalta at Livadija Palace. In the same year, in May, he participated to the 'Donbass Forum' of Donetsk and on that occasion, with the delegation of South Tyrol, he presented the model of the autonomy of South Tyrol as a proposal for a resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukrainian, theme exposed during the international negotiations. Previously he had helped to form the Italian delegation of the following conferences organized by the Institute of international integration studies: Belgrade (2011), Rome (2012), Tel Aviv (2012), Venice (2013), Milan (2013) and others of the same cycle. The 1st of July 2016 co-founder of the Economic-political Institute of liberal inspiration the " Milton Friedman Institute", whose aim of founders is to spread the thought of the American Nobel Prize in Europe. It is an active supporter of the State of Israel, and already a member of the Governing Board of the National Federation Italia-Israele and founder of the same Association in South Tyrol. In 2011 held the office of President of the youth of the Committee Unity of Italy for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. He was a member of the National Council of PdL- Forza Italia, for the same party he was appointed by the will of Silvio Berlusconi as extraordinary commissioner for the South Tyrol in February 2013, previously, he was the regional coordinator of the youth movement and the national president of the student school movement.
We are what the others see. Our art is to transmit what you are and what you would like to be.